About Our Organisation

Incorporated in 1997, we have been working to promote higher education services in Oman and UAE. We are a successful global education institute that delivers a holistic view of the opportunities available in the education and study abroad domain. The objective of Muscat Higher Education Center is to provide quality and proper consultation in education and training. We are the online Authorized Study Center of Annamalai University in Oman.

We have a diversified expansion plan augmenting its existing capabilities and to cater to a wide range of students across platforms. It foresees itself to be a world-renowned education and skill development center to cater to emerging sectors and industry-specific programs leading to specialization in finance, marketing, human resource development, consulting, information technology and other emerging disciplines.

Hundreds of candidates who have successfully completed Graduation and Post-Graduation in the fields of Commerce, Science, Arts, Education, etc. have found themselves a strong footing in their respective careers.

Vision and Mission

Muscat Higher Education Vision

We endeavor to make a difference to people seeking to grow both in their careers and in their knowledge. We would like to reach out to all and provide them with the right environment in an affordable way so that education finds a way into their lives. Our motto is “knowledge is power“.

For Universities/Colleges: To join hands and have a strategic partnership with International Universities to establish their presence and promote them in the region. We, as a partner, have the ability and credential to convert vision into a reality.

For Students: To provide them with an opportunity and access to the innovative and best available courses with trusted and leading International Universities.

Muscat Higher Education Missions

With the best interest of our stakeholders in mind, Muscat Higher Education Centre aims at transforming lives by offering the right education and support to our students. We provide educational consultancy, distance education services, online education services, the right guidance and tailor-made solutions to the student’s needs that will help to grow, keeping the socio-economic factors in mind. Work with integrity and are customer-centric. We strongly believe in quality education through the right means. We believe in growth.

Muscat Higher Education Chairman

From Our Board: Hello and welcome to all.! It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to Muscat Higher Education Centre. We are a higher education provider who helps students find their right fit in the world of education. We are flexible in terms of students need to full time or working/part-time education. Whether you choose to pursue distance education through the comfort of your own home, online education or are interested in traveling abroad or promote your growth we are here to support you.

We cater to students from different walks of life to grow through their qualification and knowledge such that they may find themselves where they want to belong.!

Best regards
(M.D – Abdul Aziz).

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