B.com Business Studies

Scheme of Examination:

The Course of Study shall comprise the following subjects according to the syllabus / text books prescribed by the University.

First Year

511 Elements of Insurance
520 English Prose and Usage
530 Business Environment
540 Elements of Accountancy
550 Communication Skills

Second Year
610 Business Statistics
620 Management Process
630 Fundamentals of Marketing Management
640 Business Law
650 Project Management & Entrpreneurship

Third Year
710 Advanced Accountancy
720 Modern Banking – Theory, Law and Practice
730 Business Finance


Group-A (Taxation)
740 Direct Taxes
750 Indirect Taxes

Group-B (Marketing)
741 Industrial & Services Marketing
751 International Marketing

Group-C (Accounting)
742 Cost Accounting
752 Accounting for Business Decision
Practical for Computer in Business

Candidates can choose any one of the Optional Group such as A or B or C. Interchanges of papers between groups are not permitted