B.Sc Computing and Information Systems

Scheme of Examination:
The Course of Study shall comprise the following subjects according to the syllabus / text books prescribed by the University.

First Year
Language:Tamil/Hindi/French/Malayalam/Telugu/ Kannada
English:  Prose and Composition
Scientific Computing
Basics of Information Technology
Fundamentals of Digital Computers
Programming in C&C++
Programming Lab – I (MS – Office, C and C++
Second Year
Principles of Communication
Web Development Tools
Internet and Java Programming
Computer Architecture and Microprocessors
Operating Systems
Programming Lab – II (Web Design Lab)
Programming – III (Java Programming Lab)
Third  Year
Visual Programming
Relational Data base Management Systems
Computer Networks
Computer Graphics
Programming – IV (Visual Basic)
Programming – V (Oracle, Forms & Reports)
Project Work and Viva Voce