B.Sc Maths with Computer Applications

Scheme of Examination:
The Course of Study shall comprise the following subjects according to the syllabus / text books prescribed by the University.

First Year
Language:Tamil/Hindi/French/Malayalam/Telugu/ Kannada
English:  Prose and Composition
Analysis – I
Algebra and Trigonometry
Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra and Solid Geometry
Computer Concepts and Office Automation Tools- Theory
Computer Concepts and Office Automation Tools- Practical
Second Year
Tamil   :    Prose and Drama         or
Hindi   :   Poetry and Grammar   or
French :   Prose – II, Translation and Grammar
English: Communicative Skills and Technical Writing
Analysis – II  operations Research
Web Designing and its Applications – Theory
Web Designing and its Applications-  Practical
OOPS and C++ Theory
OOPS and C++ Practical
Third  Year
Mathematical Statistics
Data Structures and Algorithms – Theory
Data Structures and Algorithms – Practical
Java programming Theory
Java programming Practical